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Chris Cayden

15+ Years of Professional Experience.

Website Design, WordPress, Blog Writing, Digital Marketing, Logo Design, On-Page SEO.


I bring more than 15 years of experience in multimedia design as an experienced graphic designer, web developer, motion artist, and WordPress designer. I’ve made contributions to a wide range of industries, including jewelry, marketing, writing, hosting, music, law, healthcare, and non-profits. My multi-cultural clients and varied portfolio showcase my adaptability and skill set.

My training in digital video editing and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy expanded my view on design. Notably, I spent seven years as the Lead Designer and Contributing Writer for The Manhattan Short, the largest short film festival in the world.

My broad experience has been further enriched by the fact that my job path has led me through newspapers, publishing houses, design studios, and marketing agencies in Pennsylvania and New York.

I have completed multiple certificate programs on Coursera, Google Cloud, Udemy, Semrush Academy, University of Michigan, and LearnQuest to advance my knowledge in HTML, CSS, front-end development, and the use of AI technologies like ChatGPT, DALL·E 3, and Midjourney.

Elevating Brands with Art and Intelligence.

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Career development highlights

Key career accomplishments

I’m a graphic and web developer/designer with over 15 years of experience, where I’ve guided numerous digital projects from the initial idea all the way through to their successful completion. My skills extend to WordPress, and I’m particularly proficient in using generative AI to enhance design capabilities. I have a strong track record of providing innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, ultimately contributing to tangible business success.

CV Highlights.


Web developer, graphic designer, and digital strategist

I’m a Web Developer and Graphic Designer with a heart and soul deeply rooted in the digital world for over 15 years. I love blending my creative flair with technical know-how to tell stories that captivate and resonate.

My Journey So Far:

I’ve led heartfelt campaigns for the National Bible Association, touching over 10 million lives from 2018 to 2020. I also gave Serum X-Y Chromosome a fresh new look, which surprisingly boosted their social chatter by 45% in just a few months in 2021.

A Nod to My Design Skills:

I’ve had the honor of being considered for ‘Best Poster Design‘ at some pretty cool film festivals, and have been recognized by the U.S. Senate Chaplain for creating his best-selling book cover.

Tech and Tools:

I’m always tinkering with the latest in AI, like ChatGPT and Bard, and I’m pretty handy with Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and Unbounce. I’ve got a knack for keeping brands looking sharp, optimizing for SEO, and tinkering with e-commerce.

What I’m Up To:

Right now, I’m diving into AI to make SEO and design even more awesome, working my magic for Ellis Window Fashions, and lending my skills to Gorilla House Gym and Park Avenue Concierge Medicine (PACM) on the side.

Always Learning:

I’m a bit of a knowledge junkie, with a bunch of certifications from places like Coursera and Google Cloud, and I’m always up for learning more about things like AI for Market Research and CSS3 Flexbox.

A People Person:

At the end of the day, I’m all about solving problems and connecting with people. I’m driven, sure, but it’s the human connections that make this all worthwhile.


Liquid Web

Managed daily WordPress upkeep, create engaging Unbounce landing pages, and craft captivating static/motion graphics for heightened social media user engagement, from 2022 to 2023.

Serum X-Y Chromosome, Inc

Handled website design and development, SEO optimization, video animation production, logo creation, and e-commerce shopping cart setup, from 2016 to 2021.

National Bible Association

Managed day-to-day digital and print operations, encompassing web design, non-profit Google Ad Grant administration, supplemental SEO optimization, and social media management, from 2008 to 2021.

The Manhattan Short Film Festival

Administered daily internet operations and design requirements, such as SEO, email campaigns, online marketing, and website content refreshes. Crafted HTML web pages for diverse marketing and email initiatives, from 2007 to 2013.



  • Build Responsive Page UI using Flexbox
  • Practical Use Cases of CSS3 Flexbox
  • CSS3 Flexbox – Mastering the Basics
  • ChatGPT AI for Market Research
  • Introduction to HTML

Google Cloud

  • Introduction to Generative AI


  • HTML Front-End Developer

University of Michigan

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Advanced HTML and CSS


  • ChatGPT Complete Course: Learn ChatGPT & Prompt
  • Engineering
ChatGPT Marketing: Create Complete Campaigns w/ ChatGPT AI
  • ChatGPT Masters: AI Prompt Engineering, Midjourney, ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT for SEO: Boosting SEO Performance With ChatGPT AI
  • ChatGPT Masterclass: Build Solutions and Apps with ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT: The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Business
  • Midjourney Mastery: Create Visually Stunning AI Art
  • Social Media Marketing MASTERY 2023
  • ChatGPT for Programmers: Building Python Apps
  • ChatGPT 101: Supercharge Your Work & Life
  • ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence for Business

The New York Film Academy

  • Film Studies and Digital Video Editing

Extensive Knowledge of most Adobe programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Spark
  • Adobe Firefly

Extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • WordPress (Divi, Elementor, Guttenberg)
  • Shopify
  • WIX
  • Squarespace
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Figma
  • Canva
  • Python
  • Zapier
  • Hubspot
  • Proficient in graphic design, including blog visuals and web/marketing materials
  • Thrives in high-tempo settings, consistently meeting deadlines
  • Excellent multitasking: can manage multiple tasks concurrently
  • Experienced in social media designs and SEM
  • Knowledgeable in SEO and brand development strategies
  • Highly organized, ensuring daily activities are streamlined
  • Strong interpersonal capabilities
  • Expertise in task prioritization
  • Adept at problem-solving
  • Solid technical know-how

Nothing comes easy, Ringo Starr said “Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues, And you know it don’t come easy.” Working as a freelancer has been both rewarding, and a struggle. I am determined, focused, and single-minded when it comes to my chosen profession.

Would I change anything? Not. One. Thing. Every struggle has made me even more focused, every mistake is a lesson. Luckily I have made a career of learning and growing, keeping up with current trends and technology. Onward!

My Tech Skills.


Wordpress Design and Development








DIVI, Elementor, Block Editor


Social Media Markwting


Adobe Creative Suite






Logo Design








Python Fundamentals Familiarity


Graphic Design

Proud To Serve

My Clients

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with a host of remarkable individuals and prestigious brands. Here are just a few highlights!

Lions Gate Films
Ben and Jerry's
Boyer Candy
National Bible Association
Serum X-Y Chromosome

Get Stuff Done

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Website Design

Each web design undertaking is a distinct entity. My aim is to delve into the nuances of your company, comprehend your specific requirements, and craft a fitting timeline and project blueprint that is custom-designed to align with your business objectives.


Generative AI

I offer unique artwork, crafted using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques including the likes of Midjourney and ChatGPT.


Custom Mobile App

Explore tailored web app solutions that harmonize functionality and aesthetics, built to enhance business performance and provide user-friendly experiences. My custom web apps are your key to digital innovation.


Motion Graphics

Tailored video slideshows, dynamic motion graphics, and animated logos, with optional sound accompaniments, have the power to breathe life into your vision.


Blog Writing

I produce engaging, informative blog content on diverse topics to entertain and educate readers through compelling storytelling.


Digital Marketing

Establishing your brand’s identity on social media platforms is instrumental to your success. Through the generation of captivating content on these platforms, your brand can seize the opportunity to connect with and captivate potential customers.


Logo Design

I offer minimalist yet striking designs to aid in creating a brand identity that is both distinct and memorable.


Social Media Boost

Unleash the potential of social media with my comprehensive boosting services. I amplify reach, engagement, and conversion through strategic content, targeted ads, and data-driven optimization across all major social platforms.


On-Page SEO

Maximize your website’s visibility and reach with our On-Page SEO services. We optimize content, keywords, meta tags, and URLs to improve rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost your online presence.

Happy Customers


Chris Cayden has been invaluable to me. I am an author and a blogger, and they have not only re-designed my websites in keeping with the integrity of my work, but walked me through a foreign land of technology which now feels comfortable. Chris has increased my readership with the subtleties of networking that were daunting (at first) and have now become second nature.

Stephanie Gertler

NY Times Best Selling Author

It has been my pleasure to work with Chris Cayden on multiple website and social media projects for the ‘National Bible Association’ and the ‘Citizens to Prevent and Stop Teenage Vaping’ over the past year. He demonstrates an expertise in internet operations, web development, search engines and graphic design. He has brought his skills to our organizations and has helped us to create and maintain a wonderful online presence and has aided in the global expansion of our message and our brand recognition.

Ambassador Gilbert A. Robinson (ret)

Chairman and CEO, National Bible Association

Our experience working with Chris was exceptional! He possesses the most impossibly rare and magical skillset: An unfalteringly “nuts and bolts” engineering brain in the same person as a brand-sensitive marketer with an on-point design aesthetic.

Chris dug into what our design and business goals were, and managed to exceed our fondest wish-list. All of our previous web woes are history! Our online business presence is now interactive, easy to use, and positioned to gain residual income from the slick e-commerce platform that he created.

Marshall Charloff - The Purple xPeRIeNCE

Officially licensed by the Prince Estate in 2019.

We highly recommend Cayden Media. Our aging site was large, lagging, outdated, and unable to get traction, despite a large monthly investment in advertising. Chris designed a streamlined, cutting edge, GORGEOUS replacement site that beautifully represents our business and branding. Moreover, he built our site hard-wired and coded specifically for maximum SEO visibility!

Devon Sconci

President, BRAVI SMP

Cayden Media, LLC went above and beyond for us. He didn’t just whip up a website; he put his heart and soul into crafting a space online that truly feels like “us” and our unique merchandise. Chris was a gem in this process. His creativity isn’t just by-the-books – it’s genuine, it’s thoughtful, and it shows he really gets it. Every chat with him was like talking to an old friend who just happens to be a web design wizard. But what really warmed our hearts was his real, human approach to customer service. 

Michelle Baughman

Owner, Chellz Dreamz

I have been working with Chris Cayden for 15+ years now, and I will continue to give him my business in the future. We have collaborated on web design, video, media production, marketing, and overall internet presence of several global brands, and he has developed and maintained several artists sites for me as well. He has an unparalleled knowledge of his craft, a great work ethic, and is a charming individual in general. His professionalism, and approach to web design make Chris Cayden a leader in the field.

Adam Marino

International Recording Artist, VTE Entertainment, LLC

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